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Getting the ball rolling

Today I got the ball rolling on my goal to blog on our trip to Australia. I finally figured out how to set up my blog -sort of.

I haven’t had time to get too excited about our trip yet. There’s just been so many things taking our attention away – mostly house shopping so we can get something we like before we leave for Australia and move into the new home in time to at least get things settled a bit for when we come back. Chances are, when we come back after being away on a crazy vacation for 5 weeks, we’ll be really disoriented – let alone step into a new and strange home and community.

I’ll write every now and then as we build up to our departure date. Not being very social media savvy, I’ll have to take time to learn how to blog well and make the right linkages to get my blog out there.

If anyone is reading, suggestions are welcome!

In the meantime,

Journey Well!



  Elaine Goodhue wrote @

Hey Jo, this is a wonderful idea. Friends of our whose daugher was in Cirque de Soleil for a couple years blogged the whole time they were gone. So many things to remember and they have it all down for others to enjoy as well. Can’t wait to hear all about it!! You go girl!!

  Joanne Gruttner wrote @

Wow! Someone read my blog!!!!! 🙂
Hi Elaine! I did want a place to capture this experience. It’s a way to track where we’ve been, keep pictures for you guys to follow us, and stay in touch while down under. Besides, I always wanted to experience blogging, so I thought best to wait until I had something useful to blog about.
Stay tuned, darlin’

In the meantime,
Journey well!

  Judy wrote @

Hi Joanne, I will look for your entries and wish you both a wonderful trip. Enjoy the vastness of Australia.

  Joanne Gruttner wrote @

Hi Judy,

It sure does seem vast – I think 5 weeks won’t get us too far!
Looking forward to your comments along the way!

  Cathhy wrote @

Hey Mike & Joanne, I’ve been looking for some post, but haven’t found anything new. I’m sure you’re having lots of fun down under. Talk to you soon.

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