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Getting Ready to Fly!

Finally! Just moved into our new home. Absolutely love it – well worth looking at 30 houses to find…..the best of country living close to city.

Hardly believe after being catapulted into a new reality – home and community, we’ll be catapulted into a new country within one week! Life is full of adventure, isn’t it? Then again, we create our own realities, don’t we?

This weekend is getting our packing sorted out. Off to Mountain Equipment Co-op to find the last minute things to pack up. And, since we’re going to miss Thanksgiving, I’m making a turkey dinner for my family. The Last Supper? We joke that we might totally love Australia and decide to find work and stay! 

 Might take some time to find access to internet, but will get some pics up once we get there.

Well, stay tuned.

Chat soon!