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Jo & Mike's Boomer Adventure through Australia


Hello World – Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Jo, and Mike is my husband. We’re pretty much your average Canadian couple who have been together for over 25 years, raised a family, and are now empty nesting. I’m not officially a boomer, but close enough to the cut off year that constitutes one, and Mike is a true blue boomer! This is why I decided to call our vacation down under Jo & Mike’s Boomer Adventure through Australia. A bit about us – we’re quite opposite in nature, but get along well – actually, we balance each other out. I’m the new-ager, intuitive one, and he’s the more logical, procedural-type. I’m missing a navigational chip, and he has a strong sense of direction.  So, this should be an interesting trip.

So, why Australia, why now, and why for 5 weeks? We’ve been promising our Aussie family friends for years that we’d visit them someday, plus we had a few experiences lately that reminded us we really should seize the day. Mike often says, “Carpe Diem, baby,“ so we decided to heed his advice,  take a break from our reality as we know it, and explore a new world for a while.  We figured going in their Springtime, while exiting our Fall would be a good way to extend our Indian Summer weather. Besides, I didn’t want to be there with 40 degree heat. And, 5 weeks? Well, why not? Besides, it’s a long way there and back with downtime for jet lag. 

Our plan – well, we’ve been so busy empty nesting the past few  months – selling our home and looking for a new home that we haven’t had time to plan.  Just a few books scattered around the house beckoning to be opened and explored.  The only part of the plan we do know is that we’re going to jump on a few planes (about a 27-hour travel journey), land in Sydney to visit a while with our friends, then rent a small caravan (in Canada we call it a camper van) and just drive away into the sunset and camp out at beach-side campsites along the South-East coast of Australia.  Nothing fancy, just back to nature, simplicity, the ocean, and eyes wide open to a new culture. Our oldest daughter backpacked through Australia for 3 months and is convinced that once I get to Byron’s Bay and connect with other energy therapists and like-minded kin, we just might not come back home!

I decided I want this blog to somehow bring an educational and inspirational value for those reading.  I’m a professionally trained adult educator, life coach, and energy therapist who believes in sharing life experiences as a way to teach, learn,  and grow. 

Those who know me personally know that I’m a personal development junkie addicted to exploring how we shape and create our own realities with thought, emotions, and action – and of course, with lots of help from the other side :-). I’ve come to think life is either too short or too long. Too short to not take chances because of fear and doubt, or too long if you make the wrong choices for those same reasons.  So, as a holistic life coach, a very heart-warming part of my work is inspiring and supporting others (mainly women) to expand their paradigms and step out and live their dreams – especially the ones they secretly bury away inside. You know the ones, that if you told anyone about them, you’d be embarrassed they’d laugh or tell you to “get real,” so you shut them down.  

I hope to post many beautiful and unique pictures and share our experiences in the spirit of hope that someone reading may be inspired to listen to their own inner callings and find the faith and trust in themselves (and the other side) enough to boldly follow their own dreams.

I’m not a professional blogger – nor do I know much about the art and skill – or even the rules of blogging. But, I know, without a doubt, that other boomers and not so boomers, would love to escape reality for a while, too.  So, if there is anyone out there reading my blog, I welcome you to follow our journey.  I suspect with no real plan in mind, one intuitive and one pragmatic, we should fair out pretty well – even have a few interesting stories to share. Especially ones about driving on the other side of the road along Oceanside cliffs! We leave on October 6, returning on November 14. So, tag along and let us be your tour guides.

In the meantime,

Journey Well,



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